Emergency Preparedness and Planning

Imagine! You are responsible for business recovery planning at your corporate data center, and you have a staff of one. Your job is to properly maintain and test the recovery plans for your organization's mainframe and midrange computer systems. Occasionally you have been invited to provide business recovery consulting to an interested affiliate. However, those opportunities have been rare, because outside the data center the need for business recovery planning is either unrecognized, not a priority, or not mandated. Suddenly, a corporate directive places you at the center of a requirement to produce a plan encompassing your organization's entire distributed data infrastructure. Your first reaction is one of elation_your moment has come! However, as reality settles in, you realize the magnitude of the challenges you now face.

When faced with the task of developing or improving your organization's Disaster Recovery Plan or Operational Recovery Plan, look toward Strand Earthquake Consultants to assist you in your efforts. Our highly experienced disaster recovery planning consultants take a comprehensive approach to business continuity planning.

Our approach is to focus on an organization's personnel, processes, procedures, infrastructure, information, and technologies. Our consultants will evaluate your current operational readiness and define a baseline that takes into consideration each aspect of your organization, including the roles of host systems, network components, and individual workstations in the LAN/WAN environment. The consulting team will then assist you in developing and implementing the strategies and tools needed to ensure the continuity of your organization's operations in the aftermath of a disaster. Our goals are to evaluate the risks associated with running your business, quantify the potential impacts of those risks, and deliver cost-effective solutions that can be maintained and updated throughout the life of your organization. By working together to establish the ground rules for your organization's survival in the aftermath of disasters, we hope to make your challenges a little easier.

We invite you to contact us to learn how our consultants can help you prepare your organization and staff to act in the event of a natural disaster or other crisis.