Flexible Pipe Loops


Flanged Tri-Flex Loop

We supply flexible pipe loops known asTri-Flex Loops™, which are capable of simultaneous random movement in three axes. No pipeline guides are required.

Summary of features:

1) Tri-Flex Loops™ have six degrees of freedom for simultaneous movement capability (i.e., the 3 mutually orthogonal axes [x, y, & z], & rotation about each of those axes).Tri-Flex Loops™ are the safest and most reliable means of absorbing piping system movements produced during earthquakes.

2) Pipe-alignment guides are not required for Tri-Flex Loops™, which saves time and money.

3) Standard Tri-Flex Loop™ models have +/-2" or +/- 4" of movement capability; custom models can be made with nearly any amount of movement capability (e.g., +/- 16" or +/- 24" for base-isolated buildings).

4) Standard sizes are 1/2" through 12"; custom models can be made as large as 30".

5) Standard Tri-Flex Loop™ models in sizes from 1” through 4” are UL listed to UL536 for use in lines carrying combustible gases or flammable liquids operated at pressures as high as 175 psi at ambient temperature. Custom loops can be made to handle pressures as high as 1,375 psi and operating temperatures of -400° F to 1500° F.

6) End connections may be steel male threaded ends (NPT), flanged ends (ANSI 150, 300, or 600; floating flanges available), grooved ends, weld ends, or copper-tube female sweat ends.

7) The two end connections may be specified to be of the same or different types.

8) The two end connections may be specified to be in the same or different orientations (e.g., straight, 90° right, 90° left, or vertical).

9) The 1st and 3rd legs may be specified to be different lengths, so as to accommodate elevation changes in a pipe run.

10) The hanging lug that is welded on each elbow between two flexible legs is UL listed, and is designed to facilitate quick and easy hanging support using the UL-listed seismic wire roop provided in our UL-listed hanging assemblies.

11) Quality assurance includes the capability to trace all materials to the sheet-metal stock; plus, all welding is done by ASME-certified welders. A certificate for the quality of the welding is available if requested at the time of order.

12) The typical time-to-shipment is 4 weeks ARO. The factory warranty period is 3 years.

Click here for a Tri-Flex Loop™ catalog.

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Click here for a pdf version of this summary of the advantages of using Tri-Flex Loops™ for all your flexible pipe loop applications.