Model 510 Seismic Switch


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Model 510 Seismic Switch is designed to actuate during a strong earthquake. When the seismic switch is tripped, a red bar will appear in the window located in the top cover.

Model 510 is a double-pole, double-throw switch, with two normally open contacts, two normally closed contacts, and two ground contacts. Model 510 is UL listed for outdoor use, and certified by California’s Division of the State Architect.

Mount the Model 510 to the wall or other rigid support with wood screws or butterfly anchors. Level the unit by adjusting the 4 elevator feet so that the chain on the side of the unit passes through the hole in its bracket without touching the sides of the hole. Connect conduit and wire per applicable code requirements.

Model 510 must be manually reset. To reset Model 510, turn the reset shaft on the righthand side of the top of the unit with a screwdriver or wrench in the counterclockwise direction until the green bar appears and remains visible in the window when the screwdriver or wrench is released. If the green bar does not appear, repeat this procedure. If the Model 510 will not reset, check leveling of chain passing through hole. Re-level the Model 510 if necessary.


  • 20 A at 125-, 250-, and 480-VAC; 10 A at 125 VAC "L"
  • 0.25 A at 250 VDC; 0.50 A at 125 VDC
  • 1 HP at 125 VAC; 2 HP at 250 VAC


Model 510 is set to trip within the following actuation ranges:

  • Between 0.10 g and 0.25 g horizontal acceleration at 1 CPS;
  • Between 0.15 g and 0.30 g horizontal acceleration at 2.5 CPS;
  • Between 0.20 g and 0.40 g horizontal acceleration at 5 CPS;
  • Below 0.70 g horizontal acceleration at 7.5 CPS; &
  • Above 0.40 g horizontal acceleration at 10 CPS.


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