ISO-Base Modular Open-Frame Design


Modular ISO-Base Seismic Platforms


A Standard Installation with room to grow

The unique design of ISO-Base Seismic Platforms allows for a multitude of design and layout options. Each plank assembly includes a top and bottom platform with two Ball-N-Cone isolators. Planks are connected with tubing into a front channel.

This front-load feature makes assembly easy, and allows additional planks to be added as your needs change. Connector lengths are made to fit the width of the item being protected. Planks are re-usable and re-configurable, and new connector sizes can be easily accommodated.

The open-frame design allows for proper air circulation and also leaves space for cable management through a raised access floor.

ISO-Base™ Platforms are used in data centers and computer rooms for securing mainframes, LAN racks, electronics enclosures, and all types of critical equipment. They are also used in clean rooms and laboratories for protecting sensitive tools and instrumentation, and in manufacturing plants to protect heavy machinery.

Please contact us to learn how to put ISO-Base Platforms to work for you to lower your company's risks from earthquakes.