Pallet Bar Restraint System


Adjustable safety cable


Close-up of shoe bracket and drop pin


Manual operation


Mechanical operation


The Pallet Bar Restraint System is specifically designed to protect your warehouse investment and warehouse workers in case of an earthquake.

The Pallet Bars keep pallets on warehouse shelving from sliding forward and falling during seismic activity.

Allows easy removal and replacement of pallets.

Pallet Bars can be lifted and removed by a forklift operator or manually without special equipment.

Quick installation: simply bolt the shoe bracket to the rack framing.

Includes safety cable to prevent restraint bar from falling while loading and unloading.

Safety cable is adjustable so Pallet Bar can be lowered just below the rack beam for access to the pallet.

Stainless steel drop-pin prevents paint damage.

This system assumes that the shelving system’s uprights have been properly anchored to the concrete floor, and that the shelving system is structurally sound. It also assumes loose items on pallets have been either strapped or shrink-wrapped directly to the pallet.

Please contact us to learn how to put the Pallet Bar Restraint System to work for you.