Retention Straps for Warehouse Storage Shelves


Allow full view of shelf contents

Easy to install & remove

These Retention Straps are made of 1" nylon webbing, and run horizontally across the front or sides of large pallet-style shelves.

Straps are usually placed at approximately 3/4 of the height of the lowest box on the shelf, with one to two straps per shelf (depending on the size and weight of the items on the shelf).

Retention Straps come in four sizes, for shelves up to 36", 48", 60", or 72" wide.

They can be adjusted in size, and have quick-release buckles that allow the strap to be unhooked when accessing items on the shelf.

Adjustable shelf protection for pallet-style storage shelves.

Custom sizes are available.


Tight strap helps prevent even loose items from falling


Ideal for items in containers on shelves


Quick-release buckle for easy access