Seismic Nitrogen-Tank Restraints


Ideal for use in lab areas

All stainless-steel construction

Quick-release cables

Our Seismic Nitrogen-Tank Restraints are ideal for use inside lab areas because of their all stainless-steel construction.

Tanks can be easily moved in or out by using the Quick Link end fittings to release the cables.

The semicircular footprint uses less floor space than standard storage racks.

Floors can be easily cleaned, because there is no bottom plate.

Each post anchors to the concrete floor, using stainless steel anchors and bolts (provided).

Each unit can restrain a tall or short dewar up to 22” (Model TH 21.42S) or 28” (Model TH 27.42S) in diameter.

Tank holders can be custom made.


Dimensions of Seismic Nitrogen Tank Restraints


Two cables for OSHA compliance


Unique semicircular design


Coated steel cable with Quick Link