Seismic Tank Corrals for Gas Cylinders


Adjustable back frame


Corrosion resistant


Back anchors to floor or wall


Steel chain keeps tanks in place


All steel construction with lab-approved exterior-grade urethane powder-coat finish.

Adjustable back frame allows side panels to be set to accommodate cylinders of various widths.

Designed to restrain gas cylinders 10”—12” diameter or nitrogen tanks up to 28” diameter.

Side panels anchor to concrete floor with welded “L” brackets.

Back frame anchors to concrete floor or wall.

Hardware is galvanized for corrosion resistance.

Available with steel chain or stainless-steel cable restraints.

Save valuable lab space: 1" x 2"-thick steel tubing frames save space compared to standard welded units.

Great versatility in design. Each Seismic Tank Corral is semi-custom and designed to fit the room's requirements.