Nonstructural Seismic Mitigation


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We supply a wide array of products and methods for securing equipment, furnishings, and shelf contents for home, office, industrial manufacturing, and warehouse environments, without impeding worker productivity. In many seismically active areas, the law requires making the workplace safe and secure. Recent earthquakes illustrate the need to protect workers from the dangers of nonstructural hazards—such as falling computers, business machines, file cabinets, storage racks, heavy appliances, or other large equipment—as they attempt to duck, cover, and hold.

Aside from the threat to personal safety, computers are vital to the operational security of most businesses. Damage to computer systems and networks may cripple the ability of an organization to quickly recover. Computers are valuable assets not only because of the equipment cost, but also for the importance of their data.

The knowledge of the potential threat to workers and to operational security should be enough to illustrate the importance of a seismic fastening program. However, much of the equipment that is currently used to fasten these items is inadequate due to the building design itself. Many modern office buildings contain walls that are little more than wallboard and lightweight steel studs; simply bolting a unit to that type of wall will do little to keep it in place during a seismic event.

Our nonstructural seismic safety products include specially designed fasteners, straps, brackets, and restraints. Our stainless steel fasteners and bio-coated straps are preferred by biotech firms and laboratories, because they resist chemical corrosion and will not harbor fungus or bacterial growth.

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  ISO-Base Base-Isolation Platforms
  Gas Cylinder Fastening Solutions
  Warehouse Shelf Fastening

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