Seismic Shutdown System Project Questionnaire

We are ready to provide you with a proposal for a seismic shutdown system suitable for use with almost any type of gas or fluid piping system.

Please contact us regarding your project using this form or send us an e-mail. This could be a new project or an existing system in need of upgrade or modification. Fields marked with * are mandatory fields

*Where is your building or pipeline located?
*Please briefly describe the type of gas or fluid that you would like to seismically control, the nominal size of the line, and the pressure and temperature ranges.
Please state the type of valve (ball, butterfly, etc.) and type of connections (threaded, flanged, etc.) desired.
Do you prefer an electrical, electro-pneumatic, or pneumatic valve assembly? What is the nature of the power that would be provided (115 VAC/60 Hz, 230 VAC/50 Hz, etc.)? Is the valve assembly for outdoor use? Does the valve assembly need to be rated explosion proof?
Do you prefer a nonadjustable or an adjustable seismic switch?
Please state any further information you feel might be helpful or any specific inquiries you might have.
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