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"Seismic monitoring and actuation," by Carl Strand
"Seismic monitors and alarm systems for two railways and a water utility," by Carl Strand
"Performance of gas shutoff valves and the occurrence of gas-related fires and gas leaks during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, with an update on legislation and standards development," by Carl Strand
"One hundred years of experience with gas systems and fires following earthquakes," by Carl Strand
"Minority report to 'Improving natural gas safety in earthquakes,'” by Carl Strand

"Low-pressure excess flow natural gas valves, Uniform Plumbing Code application requirements," by J. Marx Ayres, P.E., 2002, Report prepared for Carl Strand and James C. McGill

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"Mud volcanoes, faults and earthquakes of the
Colorado Delta before the twentieth century," by Carl Strand

"Sumatra--Andaman Islands earthquake and tsunami of December 26, 2004, Lifeline performance," ASCE/TCLEE Monograph No. 29, Edited by Carl Strand and John Masek