Model 501 Remote Actuator


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Model 501 Remote Actuator will trip a CALIFORNIA Valve when a 24-VAC or 24-VDC signal is present.

Applications include panic switches, fire or sprinkler alarms, fire-suppression systems, and gas sensors. Signals from those systems can trip relays to supply the necessary power to activate the Model 501.

The power draw on Model 501 is 15 Watts. The source of power is usually a 24-V backup, on-line power supply.

Model 501 is an optional feature that is mounted on the seismic valve by the factory at the time of manufacture.

A CALIFORNIA Valve with a factory-mounted Model 501 will trip during a violent earthquake or when an electrical signal is present.

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Model 501 Remote Actuator consists of a cast-iron shell with a potted solenoid inside. When the solenoid coil is energized, magnetic forces are produced that attract the ball in the trigger mechanism of the seismic valve, which trips the latch mechanism and causes the seismic valve to close.

Model 501 is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

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