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We offer a full range of seismic-monitoring and dynamic-measuring sensors and instruments.

Our products include velocity sensors, accelerometers, strong motion recorders, seismic digitizers, software, and accessories. These products are used to perform a wide variety of functions, including structural monitoring and critical vibration alarm. Accelerographs or central recorders are installed in nuclear plants, dams, bridges, tunnels, tanks, above-ground reservoirs, tall buildings, historical buildings, base-isolated buildings, and buildings that house vital or critical functions. Seismographs are used to study earthquakes and other life-threatening earth movements. Seismic switches and alarm systems are used to help control elevators, escalators, fire-station doors, generators, machinery, trains, toxic gases or fluids, and pipelines at vulnerable locations such as fault or river crossings.

Network solutions range from three-instrument networks for tall buildings, to central recorders with 20-50 channels of data for heavily instrumented buildings, to complex regional or national networks involving numerous instruments and a mixture of satellite, radio, cellular, or telephone modems. Data may be streamed continuously into a central recording system, or triggered event data may be transmitted to a central system.

We can arrange qualified installation, maintenance, and training anywhere in the United States. We also distribute these products in many Latin American countries.

Please use our Seismic Monitoring Systems Questionnaire to tell us about your project.