Seismic Recorders

We represent DAQ Systems of Bozeman, Montana, who manufactures state-of-the-art seismic monitoring and alarm systems for a wide variety of structures, including tall buildings, dams, tunnels, bridges, and towers.
To help introduce you to our equipment, we invite you to review the following documents:
    Brochure for MicroSMA Accelerometer
    Brochure for NetDAS Accelerograph
    Brochure for Cronos Seismic Monitoring System
    Brochure for Poseidon seismic monitoring and alarm systems

If you would like to receive a quotation for a Cronos system for a tall building, please send us the following information:
1) # of stories above grade
2) # of accelerographs (usually three)
3) Floors that are to be seismically instrumented (usually the top floor, a floor in the midportion, and the 1st floor or basement)
4) Cable length between adjacent instrument sites:  Vertical run(s) + lateral runs 
5) Type of power source:

a) 115-VAC/60 Hz;
b) 230-VAC/50 Hz;
c) Other (specify)

6) Will the Cronos system be connected to the building's LAN system?
7) Will the Cronos system be connected to a dedicated Internet connection?
For a new highrise, the general contractor usually arranges:
1) Installation of two dedicated electricity receptacles within 4' of each instrument.
2) Pulling of Cat-5 cable for interconnection.
3) Drilling of holes for mounting a base plate for each NetDAS Accelerograph.
The accelerographs are usually installed within a 2.5' x 2.5' space in a corner of the electrical room on each of the designated floors.  There is usually a mechanical shaft that runs all the way down from the top-floor electrical room to the 1st floor or basement electrical room.  Such shafts are where the interconnecting cables are usually installed.

Installation needs to be performed by someone who is knowledgeable with the NetDAS operating system.  The manufacturer, DAQ Systems, offers training courses at their offices in Bozeman, Montana.  We can also arrange for an experienced technician to visit your first project and train you and your staff.  And we can provide technicians to perform all the installation, maintenance, and data collection.

Poseidon seismic monitoring and alarm systems have similarities to Cronos systems, but also include a seismic alarm that can be based on exceedance of CAV or an acceleration level.

The components of these systems have a one-year factory warranty.  Because the components for these systems are COTS (i.e., commercial off the shelf), our clients are assured that any replacement parts that may be needed will be competitively priced and readily available.

We look forward to hearing from you about your projects that require seismic monitoring.