CALIFORNIA (formerly known as Koso) Seismic Gas Shutoff Valves

Horizontal flow
(1-1/4" Model 302
shown here)

Vertical flow from the bottom in
(3" Model VB-315F
shown here)

Vertical flow from the top in
(4" Model VT-316F
shown here)
CALIFORNIA (formerly known as Koso) Seismic Gas Shutoff Valves are installed throughout the U.S. and in many countries at risk from earthquakes. They performed well during the 1994 Northridge earthquake. CALIFORNIA Valves have a simple operation principle, remain closed when tilted or bumped, and must be manually reset, which enables safety inspections for leaks and other hazards to be done before gas service is restored. CALIFORNIA Valves have excellent flow characteristics, and may be selected based on the size of a properly sized houseline. CALIFORNIA Valves installed upstream of multiple houselines should be selected based on the sum of the areas of each houseline. CALIFORNIA Valves have a visual open/closed indicator and pressure ratings up to 60 psi. For all sizes, from ¾" through 8", we supply models designed for horizontal flow, vertical flow from the bottom in, or vertical flow from the top in. Valve ends are threaded for ¾" through 1-1/2" models, threaded or flanged for 2" through 4" models, and flanged for 6" and 8" models. Optional devices available at the time of order for any model of CALIFORNIA Valve can enable remote actuation or remote position monitoring.

Specification sheets are available by clicking the desired category: 3/4" threaded, 1" threaded, 1-1/4" threaded, 1-1/2" threaded, 2" threaded, 2" flanged, 2-1/2" threaded, 2-1/2" flanged, 3" threaded, 3" flanged, 4" threaded, 4" flanged, 6" flanged, & 8" flanged.

Basic installation instructions are available for CALIFORNIA Valves designed for horizontal flow, vertical flow from the bottom in, or vertical flow from the top in. Additional information is available for installations for homes and small businesses, and for installations in vaults. Information is also available in spanish: la válvula sísmica KOSO.

CALIFORNIA Valves are listed by UL (to national standard ASCE 25-97), certified by California's Division of the State Architect (to State Standard 12-16-1), and approved by Los Angeles (Research Report RR 5080). CALIFORNIA Valves have a limited factory warranty of 30 years when used in the USA or Canada, and 5 years when used elsewhere.

For more details, please review the capacity charts for CALIFORNIA Valves and regulations mandating the installation of seismic gas shutoff valves.

Since 1978, over 300,000 CALIFORNIA Valves have been installed on a wide variety of buildings supplied with natural gas or vaporous propane. For partial lists of buildings, companies, or facilities using CALIFORNIA Valves, please click the desired category: Commercial Buildings; Educational Facilities; Entertainment Parks, Museums, & Studios; Government Facilities; Hotels; Industrial Plants; Medical Facilities; Property Management & Realty Companies; Religious Facilities; and Residential Buildings.

Our consulting services include arranging permitted installations. To request a proposal, please submit our seismic gas shutoff valve project questionnaire.